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Automatic Carton Sealing / Taping Machine

Product code: RIK#013
Product name: Automatic Carton Sealing Machine
Automatic Carton Sealing Machine
MAGNUM T-501 Carton Sealing System has Top & bottom drive belts, self centering guides ensure accurate centering. Quick & easy adjustment between batches of different cartons sizes. Ideal for batch production Simple design & sturdy construction requires minimum maintenance. No wastage of tape. High productivity. Accurate Centering and absolutely uniform overlap.
Specification: .
Machine Dimensions : L1995X W675 XH1635 .
Sealing Speed : 20 m/Min .
Tape Width : 2",2.5"&3" .
Core Diameter : 76 mm" .
Power Requirement : 220V Single Phase Carton size: L:Min Max W: Min Max H:Min Max Magnum:T-501 150 unlimited 160 450 80 550.
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